Akshay Oberoi

Episode 23
Judaa Hoke Bhi
  • 5.6
  • Thriller
Aman Khanna, a once successful singer, is drowning his life into alcohol, despair and self- destruction after his 6 years old son died in a freak accident. Aman's wife, Meera who has an autobiographical bestseller to her credit is trying to cope with their financial burdens and Aman's lack of responsibility. One fine day, as in all stories, Meera is summoned by a big businessman Siddharth Jaiwardhan, to Uttarakhand where he expects her to stay and write his biography. Meera knowing the money situation at home says yes to this much lucrative task at hand. This makes Aman furious as it is their son's death anniversary in a day. The couple get into a bitter fight at the end of which Aman resolves to somehow bring money home but stops Meera from leaving for Uttarakhand. Aman in rage and fury steps out of the house and meets with a fatal accident. The doctor tells Meera that Aman has gone into a coma for an undefined time. Meera is devastated but patiently waits for Aman. Then one day Aman wakes up. Meera who is overjoyed to get Aman back, resolves to bring Aman home and start their lives all over again. But while Meera borrows money to take care of the hospital bills she realizes Aman has hit the bottle within the confines of the hospital. At this point Meera stops chasing hope. She leaves aman to himself and leaves for the ghost writing job in Uttarakhand. Meera reaches Binsar station, a remotely populated town in Uttarakhand. The town is quiet and eerie. Matthew, Siddharth's butler, receives Meera and takes her to Siddharth's palace. While this happens, Aman is visited by a strange blind man in his dream, Purohit. He warns him that his wife's life is in danger. Aman wakes up but soon realizes that this was not just another bad dream, it was a strange prophecy. Meera meets Siddharth Jaiwardhan, a young and handsome loner, who lives in this huge palace all by himself. But Meera doesn't know that she has stepped into the den of the devil himself. Siddharth is a soul sucking demon, who slowly seduces Meera, puts a spell on her and makes her a slave to the demon. When Aman reaches Binsar to bring back Meera he finds her almost unwilling to acknowledge him. This breaks Aman further. Siddharth is a powerful man in Binsar uses his clout and gets aman arrested to be thrown out of the town. But all is not lost in aman's heart yet. He refuses to believe that Meera could actually forget him. He puts his might together for the love which is still alive and throbbing in his heart. He takes a leap of faith and comes back to Binsar to find a way to get to Meera. The blind Purohit and his accomplice Roohi, soon gets hold of Aman and tells him that Siddharth Jaiwardhan is a demon, who feeds on the souls of bastard children. He has been doing it for thousands of years and now Meera is his next prey to devour on. Aman now has his back against the wall as he is battling the devil. The devil, who is an ancient evil king who has been sucking on souls and never died. Will Aman be able to save Meera, will he be able to be a husband that she always wanted. In this war of Love and Evil, will Aman be able to become a knight of Love.